Lower East Side:

85 Delancey St.

New York, NY 10002

Long Island City:

31-00 47th Ave

Long Island City, Queens 11201


Tel: 646-847-2367








Setup & Design

We spend a third of our life at work, so bringing in a fresh, uplifting look immediately gets people excited about coming into the office. Everything from the smells, sounds, and exotic flavors is meant to transport you to your favorite coffee shop anywhere in the world. Work is now your happy place.  


Feel like a regular. Your personal barista is trained to make each drink a work of art. And to make sure we remember your order, our barista will be at your office for a minimum of 3 days. Oh, and did we mention free drinks? Take a look at our amazing menu.

Community & Productivity

This is the modern water cooler and a natural way to foster a sense of community among coworkers. Get in early and stay late. The Popup will be open for 6 hours each day, We've got you covered for your morning coffee fix and your afternoon pick-me-up.

Our Story

We are a membership coffee shop specializing in espresso and matcha drinks. We started our cafe as a popup in an uninhabitable lobby of a coworking space and transformed it into a neighborhood staple. We realized that our little cafe was making the difference in people's work routine and overall office morale. For us, it's the human interaction that makes the coffee culture so great. Our cafe has fostered a sense of community among our members, it serves as a space to meet and treat clients, and adds a little adventure to a normal work week. We pride ourselves on making the best quality drinks using seasonal ingredients and working with local coffee roasters, Cafe Grumpy.  

Join the club and become a member at our cafe!

Get unlimited drinks for $49 a month